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Monday, March 19, 2018


Someone asked me how even docile people start becoming assertive when given power or position.

I said docility and meekness could perhaps have been nothing but silent observation waiting for appropriate time to blossom.

Then based on assumption even their ascendency to power or position is questioned.

I said it could be a blessed metamorphosis of providence or is a very cleverly and consciously developed skill set and perhaps helped along by some luck and links.

However, we cannot brush aside or ignore certain positive credentials and capabilities of anyone in any position.
I also feel that we must always respect the post and diplomatically point out the mistakes or activities performed by the person holding certain specific posts because they can tarnish the post or bring down the very image of the institution they are in.

We must also bear in mind not to over indulge in too indiscriminate or excessively aggressive criticism of some people and be conspicuously silent on lack of initiative or involvement of many for many years on multiple issues.

MSM needs to be countered with inundation of facts

Ignorant media generated idiotic narratives dominate the debate and therefore the overall ill informed frames of references leads to wrong perception.

These are further exaggerated by the vested interest groups and lobbies.

So, in reality these perceptions have to be broken through sensible, data backed and logical counter narratives which explain the long-term benefits synchronizing with both existing imperatives and emerging trends in global economic scenario.

This must be the approach by the political dispensation without slipping into the traps of ideological counter reactions.

This requires delivery of real performance leading to desired outcomes.

Besides, there are many erring CMs and outfits of BJP itself which also needs to be checked as peoples’ awareness and expectations are increasing everyday and nothing can get hidden for long from them.

Therefore, a team is working on some long pending really important issues and programs for TN, KARNATAKA and Rajasthan.

The process is a very interesting learning curve where the best brains and technocrats have spoiled the system with their excessive silence and indifference on one side and the din of vociferous perverted media narratives have totally masked the facts and reality.

The task is tall here, all the more with hostile main stream media.

JK - A Great Philosopher

                                       Great Philosopher
Last week there was a post in ideapod

I wrote there the following.

JK undoubtedly was one of the greatest souls when it comes to creating everlasting influence and a very intense impact on anyone who has listened to him live or read his works.

Words have enormous power.

Words have enormous power.

But equally powerful are the interpretations, connotations in context, perceptions, and perspectives, ability look beyond and beneath the words.

It is therefore, important to pay very minute attention to the nuances and learn the art of diplomatic articulation.

At the end of the day, even if we are not able to create a great impact or convince and make others accept our stand or a particular stand, at least we must be able to get across what we intend to convey to others in a way that they can grasp or preferably how we want them to grasp.

The earth may be rotating on its own axis but the world is getting rotated by multitude of axis of various versions and carefully crafted narratives.

Panacea , humility and vastness of life

No single domain/field of activity can claim superior importance to the exclusion of all the rest.

This assumption that emanates either out of love for that particular domain or over simplification of the wholeness of life into a single domain thinking that as a result solutions to all aspects of life can be found in or through that domain and fullness of life can be explained through such narrow slots.

Often such assumptions also pop up due to the excessive pride and ego of those in some fields.

विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् 
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् 

vidyA dadAti vinayaM, vinayAdyAti pAtratAM |
pAtratvAddhanamApnoti, dhanAddharmaMtataH sukhaM || 5 ||

(true/complete) knowledge gives discipline[humility], from discipline [humility] comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth (one does) good deeds, from that (comes) joy.

I have written many blog posts dispelling such perspectives because we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything or anyone.

All the following links have many sublinks and it is a long read so you may transfer it to your mail and read when you have time or forget to read too.

The following link brings out the importance of synergy

The following one is about the grand illusion of panacea

The following just is full of spicy quotes that can motivate hubris as well as humility

The following one is a single example of vagueness even in day to day measurement

Indian Left with half baked knowledge

Indian Left with half baked knowledge

Some people practice assiduously the art of covering up incompetence and a conscious awareness of their half baked knowledge with an intentional instigation or provocation of selected groups to generate reactions and thereby seek free publicity and also promote some ideology as a hidden agenda.

You can know what looks like a well developed art is in fact a disease when two major symptoms manifest verbosity and victimhood peddling.

Evolving Systems and Dynamics

"The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live." - Mortimer Adler

This morning while at an inaugural function of a new project I could not resist unleashing these and I told them as I have only 10 minutes to speak I shall only put forth 10 points and one small story.

I told them that for every meaningless project or program I can unleash a few hundred like these.

1. Zymurgy’s first law of evolving systems dynamics: "once you open a can of worms, the only way to recan them is to use a larger can".

Now, all of you can infer for what issue I quote the above.

2. Perlsweig’s law: “people who can least afford to pay rent, pay rent. people who can most afford to pay rent, build up equity ".

3. The airplane law: “when the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time".

4. Law of perversity of nature: "you cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter".

5. Cahn’s Axiom: " when all else fails, read the instructions".

6. Peer’s Law: “The solution to a problem changes the nature of the problem.

Verbification and its vibration of positive vibes

Verbification and its vibration of positive vibes.

 Today’s (05.03.2018)TOI Chennai edition page 12.

‘The overachieving Verbs’

It is much needed to mute overhyped suffocation by excessive mediafication.

Verbification vibrates with positive vibes.

Very loaded verbose version of  verbification in the write up smacks a bit of mediafication (i.e. exclusive privileged club involved in peddling opinions - often cleverly masking reality and appropriation of adorable appellations to themselves and assigning low and lewd labels to a selective few- along with swelling jealousy that the social media has enabled the masses to do what the exclusive club of main stream media were doing- nonstop opinion sprinkling, gossip generating, fear mongering with victimhood peddling etc.

On the contrary, if one is not afflicted by senility and sense of insecurity, one would positively welcome the active participation of everyone as sincere involvement in any subject taking seriously any issue to their heart and head.

It is this spirit of participative committed involvement creating enough noise to drown the din of main stream media that is here to say whether we like it or not; whether we want it or not; whether view it as good or bad.

More the merrier may prove true even in the arena of thoughts, ideas, views and opinions.

Main stream media is no more a secured fortress for the indulgence of exclusive club of mass opinion moulders and scandals suppliers.

Internet and mobile handsets in every hand empowers dissemination of news in real time everywhere.

Adjective formation

Adjective formation is a very interesting activity by itself.

Language and literature get embellished through delicate use of adjectives.

For learning adjective formation one must read Valery Adam’s book on Adjective Formation.

Best languages that equip you to master the art of adjective formation among the  Oriental languages it is Sanskrit and among Occidental languages it is German.

In Dasakumara Charitham, the author Dhandin uses almost a paragraph as adjective to describe Bhima.

Incorrigible Laws- a collection a made below from various sources

Incorrigible Laws- a collection a made below from various sources

Then I also thought of writing serious ones myself called Law of Ambulance (symbolically no compulsion to follow road rules for the sake greater good cause)

How to grasp any subject or issue, then understand it and articulate it?

How to grasp any subject or issue, then understand it and articulate it?

First observe anything or anyone as it is or as they are and visualize and conceptualize through a polyptych of frames of reference taking into consideration the inherent attributes and contextual relevance.

Second, after the above fundamental process is in place proceed further without any restrictions imposed by blind beliefs, confirmation biases, dogmatic doctrines, fettering faiths, ideological impediments etc
Third use verbal articulation which is a mere tool or technique that conveys matters.

But there must be a constant deliberate conscious awareness running in the background of the mind that the process of articulation must not hurt the sensitivities of others at all or at least as much as possible.

Focus must be on the important crux of the issues.

Of course one may take the artistic and creative liberty to aesthetically decorate the articulation with linguistic nuances.

However, careful we may be it is difficult to please or satisfy all.

Art of Balancing the international economic imperatives and national political compulsions

The tough art of flying kite while rope walking.

Let optimism spring eternally, after all universes emerged out of chaos.

But we need to work towards drafting policies that can enable synergy between

1. International or global level playing field with international acceptable and scientifically measurable systems, procedures, processes and practices in the following fields i.e. economics, finance, businesses, infrastructure etc (which are too vast and complicated to oversimplify or over generalize and one cannot expect everything to be implemented over night especially in a nation used to anarchic behaviour ) and

2. Internal imperatives (which include a gamut of things constantly craving for consideration and prioritized attention -ranging from multiple political compulsions to factoring in the bandwidth of huge illiterate and poor to adopt to drastic changes in the short term).

However, with real, as well as much hyped aspirations of almost one sixth of world population and almost one third of world’s youth population we cannot afford to postpone either i.e.

1. Increased and proactive global economic participation with all its concomitant obligations like facilitating ease of business and opening up FDI in many domains.

2. High expectations and political scheming with all its collateral damages to the social fabric in many aspects.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

BJP's introspection

India needs BJP and MODI to be in power for nation’s corruption free development and prevent Congress or congregation of mere power mongers.

But then this can happen only when BJP stops being too complacent and starts unleashing economic benefits to middle class in many ways.

In 77 Janata and 2004 BJP missed a golden opportunity but in 2019 if BJP gets anything less than absolute majority  INDIA will miss a shining  Diamond Jubilee.

But when the very main thing one wants or claims to improve, namely, economic development with tangible results is not evident on ground it reflects in results.

There is visible lack of money circulation and an obvious stagnation of economic activities especially in the unorganized sector.

This coupled with extreme pressure on small enterprises and entrepreneurs in the name of scrutiny and procedures and failure to pin down big corrupt politicians for four years are grave mistakes.

There are not enough benefits for middle class and not enough stopping of meddling class of brash extreme ideologists who lack the delicate diplomatic deceitful way of getting things done silently like many other outfits and therefore expose themselves to media exaggerated public scrutiny.

Hindus are not known to easily remain united on any issue for long.


ACRONYM is a very useful device

Nicely in
Memory through ACRONYM

Adaptation sometimes is nothing but disruption
Carried to
Operations like
Nice mobile handset technology
You use to read these
Messages, and for that matter

Revolve in
Operating through
Nudging like the egg that became
Mindlessly nudging away millions of sperms.

ACRONYMs act as very handy mnemonic to prompt and hint.

Logical Fallacies

                                              Logical Fallacies
Logical fallacies are well ensconced in appealing slogans, well nuanced words, emotional blackmails and many other hypnotising methods of propaganda mechanisms or brain washing techniques that restrict even our frames of reference.

As it is we have, for ease of understanding as well as many other justifiable and unjustifiable reasons, divided the wholesomeness of life into narrow classifications and compartments.

Recently there was a video doing rounds in WhatsApp of someone lecturing how we live only seven [7] years by explaining by deducting how many years go away in sleeping, how many in doing routine duties, how many years we spend eating, travelling , bathing etc.

But aren’t all those part of life, in fact they make life more a living experience.

All those who have the tendency to justify or push an agenda rather than reason out or appreciate have this tendency to or propensity to oversimplify or over generalize and frame their question in such a manner that it would deliver only certain expected answer or answers like in wife beating case, you interrogate the accused like this, “Have you stopped beating your wife?".

If he says No anyway he will get the punishment. If he says Yes then by inference it means he is accepting that he was beating her before but has stopped now.

These types of questions can be framed always. I have prepared question papers for some competitive exams like these.


Alliance gathering to stop

Agenda and

Job for
Prosperity while

Opportunism that
Growth for 60 years feels elated.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Devdutt Pattanaik and his perverted obsession

Seven lines and five glaring factual errors also trivializing everything by Devdutt Pattanaik in his works is well exposed by Nityanand Misra.

Iskcon please take it up

Besides lack of knowledge or acceptance of ignorance it has more to do with perverted perspective and putrefied frames of references to suit a preconceived interpretation intended to generate publicity through creating controversy by portraying oneself as a scholar.

There is never anything wrong with a different and even aberrant interpretation of any text.

However, assuming the right to ride on gullible peoples’ sensitivities without any humility is obviously a desperate attempt to seek some cheap publicity or award carrying a huge some from some anti-India brigade.
Phenella writes in “The Unwritten Comedy”.
“To be ignorant of many things is expected
To know you are ignorant of many things is the beginning of wisdom.
To know a category of things of which you are ignorant is the beginning oflearning.
To know the details of that category of things of which you are ignorant is to no longer be ignorant.”

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Lexicography is imbued with life with all its sweet memories, vicissitudes of living and potential evolutionary growth.

“In capturing a word, a sliver of lived experience can be observed and defined. If only you were able to catch all the words, perhaps you could define existence.

Every dictionary must be a family album of nostalgic moments narrating stories, histories, narrations and all these nurturing the pride of ancestry and heralding a hope for future through the nice anecdotal references.

When lexicology and literature come together and deliver a baby of words and expressions with inherited beauty of etymology and denotation.

They watch the baby grow into a child acquiring connotations as it experiences its life through various contexts.

Then the metamorphosis of child into a marvelous adult happens as it captures the raptures of evolutionary imperatives in linguistics.

Online dictionaries can be spiced up with audio-visual presentations, appropriate anecdotes, captive dialogues and relevant quotations that would enable us to remember the word/phrase/expression because of the impact of the quotations, probably with hints to usage in different contexts.

Also read

Inside the OED: can the world’s biggest dictionary survive the internet? | News | The Guardian

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Telesis of terminology and the creation of contrived expressions.

The Telesis of terminology and the creation of contrived expressions.

When good quality milk is available in a sachet why bother owning a herd of cows and milk them followed by a hoard of other concomitant tasks before you get a cup of milk to drink.

Similarly, when certain single words are available that can convey a simple or complicated idea/ideas, thought/s, concept, philosophical approaches why resort to use multiple words and expressions to convey the same thing.

Personally, I feel the beauty of, grandeur of and the maximum number of users and domains in which the English language is used are attributable to a very great extent to its willingness and ability to absorb, assimilate and adopt words and expressions from many languages and allow them to permeate permanently in certain contexts.

I also feel that the recipient or reader must take the trouble of finding out the exact meaning new words and expressions that he/she encounters.

I have gathered, like many addicts of linguistics, etymologies and lexicology many excellent expressions in many languages which are so nice that there is neither any harm in adopting nor in using them in any context.

For example an Italian friend of mine admonished me for using words like bribe and corruption during UPA regime, instead he asked me to say, “ Busterella” [Italian term for ‘Envelop stuffed with money given as bribe] and I said it is a
“Mokita” [ Word from a language called Kivila, spoken in Papua New Guinea meaning  “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about.”]

There are many ways of attracting and appealing to sensitivities and sensibilities of the receiver.

 It is done by adding aesthetic aspects to any art either through individual improvisations or imaginations or innovations or through repeated and refined reuse of some abstract elements or bombastic frills to project a style and create a niche of elitism or identity.
Even within the same language certain new expressions render as endangered species certain very easily and universally comprehensible generic expressions.

For example the mere term ‘Changes or changing trends’ have been replaced by ‘paradigm shifts’.

In additions to naturally evolving changes required to adapt to emerging new contexts and newer domains of human activities, there are also these types of affected usages [like paradigm shift] to replace the existing words and expressions.

This arena is further crowded by the ejection of multitude of carefully crafted nuanced new connotations [too far removed from the denotation, and devoid of any etymological justification] assigned to certain terminologies by the new breed of professionals known as ‘agenda setters, the dinosaur like predatory [but selective in their prey] mass opinion molding narrative peddlers who contradictorily are moving in the safe sanctuaries of main stream media [MSM] houses and they also go about appropriating lofty terms like intellectuals, scholars, liberals and so on.

There is no counter to this terminological terrorism because it operates from safe sanctuaries.

The nibbling of terminologies portraying greatness by these termites or bugaboo
[Media sponsored opinion nibblers] has squeezed out the sap of greatness attached to those terms. [‘Bugaboo’ is an American English term for an object of fear or alarm in both the literal and figurative sense is from Jamaican word for scary insects]

There are, and preferably there cannot be or must not be any hard and fast rule, either in punctuation or usage of words and expressions, especially if they restrict the free flow of thoughts and ideas in specific contexts.

However, we cannot totally ignore the importance and role of certain reasonable [a highly relative term in this context] broad guild lines in punctuation, grammar, and word usage that enable and enhance the recipient or the reader to understand better without too much of ambiguity.

Having said all the above there are certain inherent inadequacies and illogicalities in every language in some aspects of every language and they get further mutilated when a non native speakers use those languages.

Let us confine ourselves to English, which is not a native language of most Indians, most struggle, and rightly so, the illogicality of prepositions in many expressions and the real meaning of certain idioms.

Neither the usage of words and expressions nor the evolving connotations beyond and besides strictly etymological justifications can be stopped and let the language to get petrified, if that had happened then the language would not have expanded its influence and superior importance. I am tempted to quote what David Crystal writes in his books WORD, WORDS, WORDS and THE STORIES OF ENGLISH wherein he shares certain interesting of information like these:- “ words science, conscience and shit all had originally common etymology”, and  “It remains a lexicological puzzle why some words were accepted and some rejected. We do not know how to account for the linguistic ‘survival of the fittest’. Both impede and expede were introduced during the same period as well as disabuse and disadorn, but in each of these pairs the first item stayed in the language and the second did not”.

Yes indeed words have eternal wings, enormous power and phoenix like survival instincts.

Articulation is one of the greatest arts which can enhance or extinguish anything.

But equally powerful are the interpretations, connotations with contextual relevance, perceptions, frames of references used to perceive and perspectives, ability look beyond and beneath the words and many other factors.

It is therefore, important to pay very minute attention to the nuances and learn the art of diplomatic articulation.

At the end of the day, even if we are not able to create a great impact or convince and make others accept our stand or a particular stand, at least we must be able to get across what we intend to convey to others in a way that they can grasp or preferably how we want them to grasp.

The earth may be rotating on its own axis but the world is getting rotated by multitude of axes of various versions and carefully crafted narratives.

Words evolve and live only in an environment created by literature and other contexts that involve dominant human activities.

That’s why, if we travel with or through the words we will know that many centuries ago vocabularies in most languages were dominated by mythological, religious and hunting terminologies, then wars and battles, followed by philosophical discourse, science, economics, politics, advancing technologies like internet and so on.

Mathematician Theodor Molien was fluent in German, Estonian, French, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Norwegian.  He said, “Read a hundred novels in a language,” he liked to say, “and you will know that language.”

In political arena very few focus on economic development, social engineering for improvement of living conditions for as many as possible and instead some of them are concentrating on verbal articulation.

So, in that process, we are bound to encounter variety of styles including bombastic language and using obscure terms etc.

The Telesis [n. the intelligent direction of effort toward the achievement of an end] decides the curve of articulation and the nature of vocabulary used.

I wish the readers to also read authors like Steven Pinker, David crystal on linguistics besides the usually prescribed linguistics books and authors.

Further dressing of appreciation of language can emerge through reading of ‘Aesthetics and the Theory of Criticism: Selected Essays of Arnold Isenberg’ By Arnold Isenberg

Two of my own write ups on the same topic ‘Marriage’, first one written in a totally affected style when I was in the final year of my schooling as an exercise of challenge among our friends as to who can write a free verse with maximum number of difficult words and the second one really what I felt after attending a wedding a few years back.

Neither fastidious scrutiny of grammatical correctness nor the most easily comprehensible expressions can act as sanctifying authority to impose any specific style as that would stifle free flow of expression.

Usages of specific terminologies depend on context, purpose and individual style.

However, if you want to know anyone’s natural reaction and spontaneous language, take him out of the comfort zone and making him take a walk in beach and unleash some ten [10] hounds and then record the language or screams that he utters in any language or ask him to take ten [10] rounds of rum on the rocks and let him speak.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Major socio-psychological disorder is attention seeking sensationalism

Major socio-psychological disorder is attention seeking sensationalism

In the present day atmosphere of  overcrowded and over enthusiastic free distribution of opinions by anyone with access to some media be it the totally biased multiple MSMs [Main Stream Media houses both in print and visual] or the billions of SM [Social Media] avenues, attention seeking sensationalism is a very hard to resist temptation.

However, the other side of this issue is that everything and everyone gets evaluated and judged through multiple frames of references with various motives and in various aspects.

Invariably in most cases reason gets bypassed in the din of opinions, counter opinions, evaluations, judgmental sweeping provocative statements, ideological identity based narrow cherry picking of issues, words, statements, actions and reactions etc which get selectively magnified for mass consumption and spiced with an attractive aroma of sensationalism which is predominantly superficial .

These are done intentionally for mass consumption by masking many complete and comprehensive in depth view of reality and ramifications.

The most overpowering spices in this are well nuanced and clichéd coining of slogans and statements which keep on recycling and repeating ad nausea and provocative visuals both of which have the potential to prioritize in such a way that they can to turn a very calm issue into a catastrophic crisis or at least preoccupy the mind space of every individual.

This is a major socio-psychological disorder that the very perpetrators must stop, which is very unlikely, as it provides the fodder for their hidden agenda or remote controlled manipulators.

However, some seriously concerned people can and must educate the victims to this disorder suitably or divert by prioritizing sanity and humane values over these sensational superficialities.

It becomes really sad when this disorder permeates into even institutions and individuals who are looked upon to maintain order. 

Friday, January 26, 2018



While all of us feel the need for unity, what unity needs is feeling for all by all.

We all must consciously be willing to agree to disagree and disagree to agree.

Now let us find out why realization of unity and oneness mostly remain in speech and writing and not practiced in real life?

Can this be changed through any method or in multiple ways?

This has been the attempt, or at least the claim, of many realms of ideological processes of social engineering wished and worked upon by individuals and institutions be they religious, political, commercial, cultural, socio-economic policies, many good idealistic ideas etc.

Each realm was dominated by its own priorities and compulsions rightly or wrongly.

But one thing is sure the initiation itself must emanate from calmness and not anger; it must sincerely seek peace and harmony through sanity for the happy cohabitation of whole of humanity.

The above statement may sound more like a didactic sermon or a utopia but that is the least controversial approach that anyone can adopt towards trying to bring about oneness through peace and harmony.

It is anytime better than starting with provocative verbal attacks, histrionics reactions to historical blunders and trying to find intellectual solutions to purely emotional issues and injecting emotionalism to purely rational issues.

All these are further complicated and obfuscated by the many dimensions of international politics each having multiple dynamics and all of them operating with varying degrees of intensities with hoards of hidden agenda and loads of lurking suspicions; multitudinous murky deals and multifarious manipulations; simmering discontent and seething enmity; ulterior malign motives and exterior benign masks; intrigues of identity politics and poly tricks of politics; working hard to bring in uniformity and homogenization to unleash hegemony instead of harmonizing variety and so on.  
Instead we may try these following small steps when we encounter everything and everyone:-observing with a child -like curiosity, approaching with a nurse–like concern to a fire accident victim, experimenting with a scientist-like research orientation, experiencing with a sports-man like spirit while in action and motion, trying to learn and to discover with an unbiased tourist –like enthusiasm in a foreign land, deciphering it with a mathematician –like measurements, executing with a carefulness of neuro-surgeon like precision starting from the very first attempt and expressing freely with literary scholar-like perspectives and perceptions based on multiple frames of references and through grasping facts with an attitude to understand and articulate such an understanding unambiguously and diplomatically taking into consideration the prevailing contextual relevance and the sensitivities and sensibilities of  as many as possible.

There could be certain advantages in this process as only plain facts and stark realities are placed on the table putting aside all biases based on any of the beliefs, ideologies, doctrines, multitude of –isms, opinions, historical evidences etc.

Besides, this process also ensures passion based involvement; compassion imbued performance and subconsciously internalized dispassion devoid of attachment to the outcome.

Even if evaluations and post mortem happen they may be devoid of or with minimal infusion of opinionated, imagined or prejudicial perceptions.  

Anything not indicated above you may find in links given below with sub links, some of which are repetitive, which explore further in detail from multiple perspectives, the topic of Oneness with its inevitable and inherent attributes of Unity and Division the two inseparable twins operating with hearts of Love and Fear; pampered by the parents of Comforts and Complaints; the former fed by the Promises of prosperity and pleasure and the later Presented and provoked by constant victimhood peddling.

                                 Division and Oneness

Unity, Peace, Harmony amid Variety- a heady cocktail